Audiotica V and its improvements in-depth.

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EDIT: Audiotica V public beta is out.  This beta is currently missing big features and the new logo but you can get a look at the new layout before anyone else!


It’s been a month or two since I started programming update 4.3 for Audiotica.  Since then it has evolve into version 5.0, taking a huge step in the app’s history.  When I take a look at Audiotica for WP7 and Audiotica 4 for WP8 I just can’t resist all the emotion I feel towards this upcoming release.

Audiotica V will be the first update that will be supported both on Windows Phone 7 and 8.  Only lacking two features, lock screen updating and media library syncing.  Same design and same code.  Windows Phone 7 users will be delight not being left behind with such an update.  Thanks to third party library and Micrsoft’s extensions I was able to program a portable class library that is share between WP7 and WP8 while maintaining all threading improvements (awaitable methods).

In a few week this update should be finish and ready to go public.   While we wait patiently for that moment why not take a look at what is new!

First, there is the new user interface.  Instead of having everything in one page Audiotica V has individuals pages for music library, search, trending, downloading and settings.  This improves the loading time and provides easy access to all the content through the new Start Hub.  This also removes completely the lags previous versions have while navigating.  Not only that’s new in the UI but now Audiotica can be customize.  You can change the theme accent color and use a wallpaper for the Start Hub.  The UI for search, trending and my music have been tweak also.

The new Start Hub.

The new Start Hub.

Second,  Audiotica V is now power by Azure Mobile Services.  Instead of paying monthly for a dedicated server now I have switch everything to Azure’s cloud computing that is auto-scale.  This means more up-time and no slowing down because of heavy usage!  The dedicated server ( will be taken down one week after Audiotica V is publish.  This means all previous version will become obsolete.  Also downloading and streaming will be lightning fast.  Audiotica 4 and down had a problem with files hosted at tumblr so instead it connected using a bridge with the server.  This is terrible for speed.  I have made an algorithm that will fix the tumblr link issue in-app.  The fix will not slow down streaming or download (starting time also will be fast) and doesn’t depend on the server.

Finally,  say goodbye to the annoying file can’t be located issue.  Well, not completely but it won’t be annoying and time consuming now.  Before every download Audiotica V will make a HEAD (request only the headers and not the actual resource) request to the file and verify the response headers.  This way you will be prompted by a user friendly message saying the file is removed before you even start downloading instead of failing like before.  What this means to you is that you won’t have to wait for the song artwork & metadata to be downloaded and store locally to then have the app throw and error that the download failed.  This will save you time, bandwidth and battery.

These are the most vitals improvements of the new 5.0 update.  There is a lot more and you will be able to participate in the public beta next week! you can partake in the public beta now! CLICK HERE


P.S. servers will be serving songs using the in-app fix talk about here but in the server it self.  This will improve speed but bare in mind that the in-app fix will be 1-2 seconds faster.

24 thoughts on “Audiotica V and its improvements in-depth.

  1. When a song is saved into the Music library, some of its tags aren’t correct, and it’s prevent the Nokia Play To app from playing the app through DLNA.
    e.g. duration tag is set to 0, Sampling too, and others.
    Could you please check ?

    • It seems that must be a problem with the mp3 file it self. I could modify the ID3 tags but it might take more time and battery as it will need to verify every single download, extract the ID3 tags and then save it. I’ll see what I can do.

    • You can start using the beta now but the final version is still being finished as I don’t want any major bugs on the release. Once both WP7 and WP8 are polish they would release ASAP. I will say the ETA is two weeks.

  2. Great! Best app in the market! Great layout. Love the improved downloading!
    So far no bugs. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. There is no question this is the best app for music downloading for windows phone and i can’t wait for 5.0 to be released but a major turn down for me is the fact that the user will not be allowed to sync the downloaded music with the music library and the main reason for that is that i own a htc 8s and it’s memory it’s quite small . Anyway i love your app and I apreciate the work you put in it so i’ll definitely use it in the future.

    • This feature, sync to library, is both available in 4.x and 5.x for WP8. In 5.0 it has been renamed to save and it has a floppy icon. Might change the icon to the xbox music icon.

    • This is a feature that will always be kept in Audiotica for WP8. In 5.0, the public beta, is right next to the ringtone button, called save.

    • On WP8 you will be able to do this using In-app purchases but because WP7 doesn’t have this I will workaround it using Paypal to simulate an in app purchase system.

  4. It looks gud when ur downloading a song or vids it makes u look gud in urself coz u got the app and everybody that doesn’t have the app shud download it.

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